Webinar Gratuito: Classroom Management and Smart Devices

Os hacemos llegar una convocatoria para participar en este webinar gratuito ofertado por Oxford University Press, e impartido por Thomas Healy. Pudiendo asistir entre el 9 y 11 de diciembre de este año.

En en siguiente enlace encontrareis toda la información complementaria, así como los diferentes horarios de realización.


Smart devices in class have the potential to distract students. Yet they can be used to improve learner and instructor efficiency, to manage pair work or group work, and to help students keep a record of their work.

Join Thomas Healy, co-author of Smart Choice Second Edition, to discuss the pros and cons of using digital devices in the classroom.


Thomas Healy is an instructor at the Pratt Institute, in Brooklyn, New York. He presents regularly at conferences on how to use widely available and easy-to-use digital tools in language teaching. His presentation Create a Digital Course Pack was highlighted by TESOL Connections as one of the favorite sessions of the International TESOL 2014 Convention. Thomas describes his evolution from a technophobe to a regular user of mobile technology in class in this article in the TESOL CALL newsletter. He is a co-author of the Smart Choice series published by Oxford University Press.