Webinar gratuito: Engaging parents in their children’s language learning

Cambridge English presenta su nuevo seminario on-line:

Engaging parents in their children’s language learning




Date: Monday 21 September 2015

Time: 14.00 – 15.00 UK time


This webinar is aimed at teachers and parents and explores how parents can engage in their children’s English language learning, so that it becomes a team effort that involves the teacher, young learners and their parents. It includes a focus on the Cambridge English Young Learners tests and gives practical resources and ideas for ways that parents can help their children.


Karen Saxby

For 25 years, Karen was a graphic artist and then a TEFL teacher but for the last 15 years, she has been a full-time writer of TEFL teaching and testing materials mostly for younger learners of English. She has a TEFL diploma, a first class degree in Linguistics and French and a particular interest in sociolinguistics and storytelling.

Thomas Booth

Tom is responsible for a range of online resources for learners, teachers and parents. At Cambridge English, he has worked on many different projects including the Parents’ Newsletter, the ‘Parents and Children’ area of the website and the ‘Monkey Puzzles’ and ‘Funland’ games. He is a Delta qualified English teacher and before joining Cambridge English he worked in a language school in Cambridge.